Jan 28, 2017

Happy ROOSTER year , 新年快樂!!!

Happy ROOSTER year !!!!

Today is the first day of lunar calendar and 2017 is rooster year. My family are getting together and celebrating in Taiwan. I so wish I could join them. To keep up the spirit, I made this Rooster sign to hang on our front door. Wish everyone good luck and good fortune in 2017.

I have some family plans in February and will be super busy. Since I wont have time to do craft, I want to take this opportunity to take a break, to re-organize the blog. I want to simply keep this blog to share everything I make for the challenges. This is my goal and how I design this blog right now. Lets see how it goes and do more adjustments later this year.  

I also want to thank everyone who have spent your time writing me a comment to encourage me. Your kindness will always in my heart.  I am very appreciated.

See you soon and have a wonderful new year. 


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