Aug 17, 2016

Smile in an Envelope

Hi This is my long over due post. I took a long break to focus on my family. I sincerely apologize not being able to keep up and I never officially announce my break. Honestly I didn't intend to. After visiting my old posts and I realized I can never put my passion of handmade crafting aside. I want to keep creating and sharing. 

Here I am. Restart my blog from a new name: Smile in an Envelope
This name reminds me how I start to make handmade cards --- I love the smiles on my friend's faces when they open my cards. 
I want my cards carry my love and put smile in the envelope.

I want to dedicate this post to a dear friend. I made this crown for her daughter's 1st birthday. I had so much fun creating this beautiful crown. Everything in the photo is handmade. 

I cut out the crown template and number 1 using Cricut machine. Hand trim pink felt and glitter paper and glue them together. 

YES, I made those roses. Pure handmade. 

I can't find the roses that achieve my preference in the craft stores,  I decide to make my own by using Die cuts (or punch if you like). It is not easy to make it "look like a real rose" for the first few tries. After I figure out the order to place the petals and it turn out to be a fun and beautiful project. 

Happy Birthday, little princess.
Thanks for visiting. Nicky ~


Anonymous said...

The crown is beautiful and I love the roses!

Nicky Hsu said...

Thanks Laura for a kind comment.